Banner Campaigns

Banners are another way to get your site recognized over the internet. There are several sites that devote themselves to free banner exchange and we will give you links to the best of them.

A banner campaign must be maintained. Banners lose their effectiveness after two weeks. That means that you must refresh your banners - create and implement new banners at least every two weeks. This means a lot of work creating banners, putting them in place, and tracking your statistics. We recommend that if you have little time, that you concentrate on reciprocal links, search engines, and online directories.

However, if you are dedicated to the task or if you have the time to spend, we will give you some important information to get you started. Also, if you just want to try it out for a few weeks, and see how it goes, there is no harm in that. It will take you a few hours to get started and then you can monitor your statistics for a few weeks. When you start to get a feel for it, Banner Campaigns you can make a more educated decision on continuance of your banner campaign.


  • Impression = how many times a banner is displayed
  • CPM = cost per thousand impressions
  • CTR = click thru ratios - exposures to banner:hits
  • CPC = cost per click thru CPC=CPM/CTR

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